Back to school name labels

Back to school name labels

One of the most important parts of preparing for Septembers return to school for me is Name labels.DSC00601

Why? We all spend a small fortune in the 6 weeks holidays buying new school uniform, book bags, water bottles, lunchboxes etc. The last thing you want is for them to come home from school having misplaced these items especially that school jumper hundreds of other children are also wearing. I also know that most schools and nursery’s insist of children’s belongings to be labelled clearly. Marker pens just do not cut it, at the end of last term our class alone had a whole box full of jumpers that had the remains of a name written in marker pen but after many washes these do fade.DSC00606

My daughter is preparing to start juniors this year and not once since she started nursery has she ever lost something because I’ve always labelled absolutely everything, even her shoes! You would be surprised how many kids wear the exact same shoes each year.

Long gone are the days of having to sew in each label, you simply stick straight on or iron in super quick! I have tried many different labels and some appear far cheaper than others, but don’t let the look of these fool you many simple end up falling off once the item is washed and so this is how I came across I’ve been ordering from this company for a few years now and I’ve found there labels brilliant in fact I find my daughter outgrows her uniform and the labels are still firmly fixed.DSC00609

Ordering from is super easy and quick you simply choose the set you require, I like the combination packs they are great value an mean you get labels for everything from shoes to water bottles, you then enter your name required, choose your font choice then select your picture if you want one, you don’t have to but my daughter loves her individual design, you then choose the colour of your label and you’re done! It’s a quick and secure website and even better delivery is fast and free on standard orders.DSC00610

I also love that they are a home based UK business and this means customer service is personal, the adhesive name stickers are made from high grade vinyl and stick to pretty much everything, I have even labelled my daughters toys when we’ve had a show and tell day at school. The iron in labels are clearly labelled obviously! And you just iron straight into any clothing that can take a hot dry iron for around 10-15 seconds then it’s done.

I certainly won’t be losing anything anytime soon! These are not only great for school but any days out or holidays. You get up to two lines and previously I ordered some with her name and my mobile number on so that if she drops her favourite teddy we are far more likely to get it back. If there’s one thing worth doing it’s absolutely labeling,

Enjoy your summer holidays,


I was given these name labels for this review but all opinions are honest and of my own entirely, I approached based on previous purchases and the quality of the labels being so good and will continue to use them for many years to come.

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