Florida – The holiday of a lifetime- Day 2 – Magic Kingdom

Florida – The holiday of a lifetime- Day 2 – Magic Kingdom

After some much needed rest, we awoke to the Florida sun peering through the gaps in the curtains, the room was lovely and cool and we all felt hugely excited, this is our first full day in Florida. We all made sure we were up on time as we had pre-booked a character dining reservation at Cinderella’s Royal table for breakfast and most importantly to meet, Cinderella herself along with snow white, Rapunzel, Jazmine & Aurora. This was in the castle itself at Magic Kingdom the park we had planned for the day.

Our reservation was for 8:25am so we all jumped into the shower and got ready, before leaving our room we always left our Mouse keeping envelopes with a tip for the maid plus some sweets we had brought over from England especially for the mouse keeping services, this went down very well! So once ready, sunglasses on, Bum bags ready! Yes we took bum bags, it took some convincing lee but after reading various people saying how handy they are he choose to buy a simple manly one! Lois embraced hers completely, I was just happy we could go out without bags of stuff; in that heat it makes a big difference. We had already spoken to our family and arranged to meet at magic kingdom once they were there, this was mostly due to the fact we added them into our holiday after making our bookings and this was one of them we wasn’t able to adjust, they were happy for the lay in anyway so worked out well.

We jumped into our lovely car, many were waiting at the various bus stops everyday but I’m glad we choose to hire a car as we never had to wait, we had free parking anyway as was staying on Disney property and it was nice to just relax in the comfort of your own car/space. We dropped by the old port royal (our food court) filled our refillable mugs; Lois took to the Pomegranate lemonade! We then left the resort to head to magic kingdom. We still didn’t have our bearings so we made an unnecessary turn at some point and ended up trying to enter the wrong park, thankfully the guy on the turnstiles was most helpful and stopped the flow on traffic so we could U-turn and pointed us on our way! We were pulling up to the Magic kingdom arches in no time.

I’m not sure who was more excited at this point, we had imagined this moment a hundred times but nothing prepares you. Everything is just HUGE! But so well organised, every step of the way someone is there telling you where to go or pointing you on, Disney has this spot on, we pulled up to the space given to us, and jumped out into the heat, the car parks in all Disney parks are named as well as numbered (we were in Aladdin202), this makes so much sense when you leave at night an board the tram to your area of the carpark, that’s how big the carparks are! We had just as much fun listening to the tram drivers each night that usually joked or sung songs! Today though we walked to the Ticket & transport centre where we would then board the Ferry to magic kingdom, before getting on board Lois purchased her Autograph book so she could start collecting autographs straight away.

After a short ferry across the Seven Seas Lagoon we docked outside the main entrance, we walked up to the front as we were allowed in before opening as we had a dining reservation, they scanned our magic bands (this is where all our information is including park tickets) then walked into Main Street! “Have a magical day!” Beautiful is an understatement, now I know a lot of people who assume Disney will be a big park filled with plastic characters but they couldn’t be more wrong In fact there are subtle reminders obviously but Disney’s magic kingdom is based on 6 lands, Main street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Liberty square & Tomorrowland, all special and themed in a truly amazing way, after all Disney would not allow tacky!

Moving on we walked up to the main attraction Cinderella’s castle, Lois was in awe, trying to take it all in is hard because it’s so vast and it’s the little details that are truly magical. On entering the castle your magic bands are scanned and we were next in line to be greeted by Cinderella herself, we made sure the autograph book was ready an waited, she called princess Lois over and talked to her about Jaq & Gus (Cinderella’s sidekick mice friends) Lois was looking up at her with magic in her eyes, it was brilliant and the characters are just amazing! She signed Lois’s book then we all had our picture taken with her before being shown to the staircase leading to the royal hall where we would be dining this morning. The Large room was breath-taking, and the theming was perfect we were seated at our table our order taken and reminded that the princesses would be called up one by one before coming around to our table. The waitress brought round a tray of pastries, these was delicious, I’m not usually a pastry person but these were sweet and very fresh, she served our drinks and then Jazmine came over, all the princesses spoke about their fellow characters and always stayed in character, Lois was also given a Wishing star & Magical wand to keep, these were used at one point to make a wish, it was brilliant the ceiling sparkles as the children are wishing, I won’t say no more as don’t want to ruin it for those yet to experience!

Breakfast was tasty, Lois had Mickey waffles with maple syrup, bacon and scrambled egg, and we had bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, & potatoes with peppers. The whole experience with the princesses and the food was well worth the Hefty price tag! We wasn’t on any dining plan so paid out of pocket the whole trip, lots was average prices but this was one of the most expensive, but hey We ate in the castle you see before every Disney film ha ha.













Next we went into Enchanted Tales with Belle (Beauty & the Beast) where Lois was lucky to be chosen to perform in the play! This was such a great way to start the day; she was to play the villain behind bars! It was lovely to meet Belle; Lois also received a bookmark to thank her for getting involved.



After we walked back down Main street to meet my parents and for Lois to get her Sorcerer of the magic kingdom cards, I think we also grabbed some drinks as by this point we were already feeling the strength of the Floridian heat. Thankfully we had brought a good sun cream called Ultrasun this proved well worth the higher than normal price tag as we all avoided sunburn throughout our whole holiday. Our first Fast pass booked for today was Splash Mountain, wed managed to get us all passes in the same time bracket so we walked to the fast pass entrance and straight through the que nearly to the front and boarded our Log. This would be a real test for Lois as she’s never done any big rides prior to this, she was excited and a little nervous but enjoyed every second although said did say the Big drop shocked her and our photo showed this! We all got wet but this felt fantastic, after a wander we noticed Rafiki (Lion King) so we got some photos with him, he was such good fun.

Next we lined up to meet Woody & Jessie, they were so funny! They signed Lois’s autograph book had some pictures taken and once finished playing with Lois we decided to go onto The pirates of the Caribbean, there was hardly any que for this and before we knew it we was on board a small boat, Lois enjoyed but was a little weary of the darker bits, this was also because after splash mountain I think she expected a big drop on every water type ride.

We chose to go into the Haunted Mansion next, now after Lois being weary of the dark we were already wondering whether this would be a good idea, she kept asking if it would be dark and would there be any drops, after explaining the ride she said she wanted to go on so we proceeded through the que, once inside the room (pre story) before the ride she started to cling, the voice was pretty scary I guess but when the room stared stretching then she saw the hanging person it totally freaked her out! She was teary and so once the doors opened to move on the ride itself Lee decided to take Lois out the exit as neither of us wanted to ruin her ride experiences, although on looking back she decided she will try it next time. So lee took Lois into the Haunted mansion shop, I love they had a gift shop at the end of every ride, A cast member gave her some stickers as they wanted her to feel happy even without riding, she also brought a Tsum Tsum. The rest of us enjoyed the ride anyway, and we knew on returning lee would get the chance to have a go so we proceeded on.

The Move it! Shake it! Dance & play it! Street party had just begun so we watched this whilst enjoyed an ice cream and Churro type thing, Lois had a boogie with various characters.

It was now time for our second Fast pass, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, we were all super excited for this one, it was new and looked like a ride we would all enjoy, Lois sat next to lee so I sat next to an American guy who was very polite, the ride was awesome Lois even had her hands in the air ever so slightly, I can see why this is so popular although I’m glad we able to get a fast pass and walk straight on as the ques always seemed to be well over 70 minutes for this one.

Under the sea – journey of the little mermaid was our next choice, this was very sweet and colourful, Lois and nanny and grandad enjoyed this, from there we headed to the splash and soak station Lois had great fun getting drenched again, we all used the toilets grabbed some drinks and rested for five minutes whilst she played. After we walked through to Tomorrowland via the railroad, we knew we had a fast pass for Space Mountain so we browsed in the gift shop there, we planned to return here as we all wanted a few bits, and Lois did buy a pin at this point. We joined the Fast pass line, Lois seemed very confident which was great although I was feeling a little worried as I knew this was be pretty fast and we were to be sitting in a line of 3 rather than next to each other, I sat at the front Lois was behind me then lee, This has also reminded me that today was the day id lost my voice! Seriously on waking this morning I couldn’t speak I’m not sure whether it was the plane journey or what but I’d never lost my voice before and it was proving rather annoying when people spoke to me I could barely squeak! Let along answer their questions, so once on the dark ride I was nervous as I was trying to ask Lois is she was ok but nothing was coming out! Thankfully lee had his hands on her shoulders and was checking she was ok. Funny thing was she loved it! Even lifting slightly from her chair! She said it was the best yet, this is when we realised Lois loved speed, it was just the dark or drops she was weary of. So I felt super relived especially knowing we would be going on some fast rides when visiting universal.

After this we went on Buzz Lightyear space ranger spin, I’m not sure who was more competitive actually but was a lot of fun we were lucky on exciting the ride we saw Buzz with a short que so joined for a picture an autograph. Lee attempted to join the speedway with Lois but this had stopped as there was lightning in the area although this quickly passed. We all decided we were feeling hungry so whilst in the Que for buzz we went onto the app and booked up a table at The Diamond Horseshoe, we had no idea on what we would eat as was a last minute plan based on where could seat us ASAP but this turned out to be really nice.

It was lovely getting indoors in the air-conditioning, the food would be served family style the starter was a Frontier Salad; Tossed Greens, Tomatoes, Onion, Roasted Corn, and Cornbread Croutons served with House-made Chipotle-Ranch Dressing. The main was Barbecue Pulled Pork, Carved Turkey Breast, Smoked Sausage, Braised Beef served with Cowboy Beans, Corn on the Cob & Baked Macaroni & Cheese. Desert was a Chocolate brownie topped with toasted marshmallow, we all had soft drinks. What a pleasant surprise this meal was, the waitress was very good and I would definitely recommend.

Belly’s full we left into the heat once again, no matter how long we were there the heat always surprised us! Next we decided a more relaxed ride, It’s a small world, This tune has engraved itself in all our heads but we did all really enjoy and it was brilliant how it shows your names at the end (it obviously reads your magic bands but such a cool touch) Disney magic everywhere!

After this Nanny and Lois went on the Prince Charming Regal carousel, whilst we browsed some of the shops, by this time it was getting late and not far off the evening spectacular Wishes!

So we grabbed a nice spot opposite the castle the crowds were already gathered there so just plonked a bottoms down, Lois and grandad went off to get a drink and returned with a large flashing mickey wand thing, “how are we getting that home” moment! Turns out diagonal in suitcase were the only option. Anyway the countdown started then Boom Wishes began

Totally incredible, it brought tears to my eyes! It has to be the most amazing magical display you’ll ever see, I described it as “the best day ever” on my Facebook! And it really was, such a cool way to end our first experience of Disney, we had been here since 8:15am it was now 9pm Lois hadn’t moaned once despite racking up 39,000 steps in around 12 hours, tonight we decided to head back separately from my parents, tomorrow we would collect them and so would learn the route, but for now we said our goodbyes. I’m not sure what they did but we faced the thousands of people doing the same thing! Wow they do their best to organise but the sheer amount of people leaving in one go does mean waiting, we waited around 20 mins for a ferry to the car park, we were lucky we managed to get to the front as the ques were insane behind us, once back at the car park we found the car, (taking a picture of your row name/number helps) then headed out of Magic Kingdom,

On returning to our resort we dropped via old port royal, filled our resort mugs with hot drinks then returned to our room, it was around 11pm when Lois got into bed, such a little star not one moan, tomorrow would be Typhoon Lagoon then Epcot in the late afternoon/evening.

Tomorrow I hope my Voice returns! Today’s best moment – Has to be wishes.

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    1. It really was the happiest place on earth, If i could live in that bubble forever i would happily Ha ha, everyday was amazing but the best is yet to come 😉

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