Florida – The Holiday of a Lifetime – Day 3 – Typhoon Lagoon – Epcot’s Coral reef & illuminations.

Florida – The Holiday of a Lifetime – Day 3 – Typhoon Lagoon – Epcot’s Coral reef & illuminations.

This was our first water park day. Typhoon Lagoon.  we had spent months planning each day so it allowed some rest type days e.g. water-parks plus some not so early starts, today’s plan was Typhoon Lagoon which opened from 10am followed by dinner at the Coral reef which meant heading to Epcot so we planned to also catch Illuminations Epcot’s firework spectacular, we had also booked a fastpass for “Frozen Ever after”, Although still a busy day a not so early start and some relaxing in water was much needed after the last two days.

So  after a good night’s sleep we were up and getting ready for day 3, the plan was to grab some pastries and head into Disney Springs to collect the rest of the family before heading to Typhoon lagoon for opening. Once at the food court we brought some food and drinks pastries with jam and cinnamon buns I think then refilled our mugs before continuing on.


It only took 5 minutes before arriving at Wyndham lake Buena vista resort and collecting them. Pastries eaten and swimwear at the ready we drove to Typhoon lagoon. On arrival the carpark was pretty empty, the gates were just opening and so we headed on in. There was always insect repellent offered throughout our stay and this was also located at the entrance to the water park.

We found a nice spot on some sand and laid our towels down before heading to buy some refillable mugs I think these was $10 each & you easily get your money back. Today was another scorcher and what better than to relax in the water whilst the sun beamed down.

We decided to jump into Castaway Creek the lazy river so grabbed some rings and floated around the entire park! I can actually remember thinking “I’m in paradise”!

We decided to jump off near the “shark Reef” to do a swim through it! I wasn’t sure whether Lois would actually decide to swim through water with sharks in it and I’m actually not sure why I was so keen to really but we were all excited as we knew this reef would soon be closing for good. So we grabbed life vests as these were compulsory and a snorkel and before we knew it we were entering what felt like freezing water full of sharks!

This turned out to be a great experience, Lois Loved it! In fact she wasn’t bothered at all off she swan towards the hammerhead, I on the over hand although enjoyed it did wonder what I was doing when one came pretty close. I swam a little faster to the other side after that ha ha ha.

We decided at this point we would eat lunch now I’m not sure what the time was but we were hungry and knew dinner would be earlier than normal so decided on lunch at “Leaning Palms”.

We had the Island Burger, with Monterey Jack Cheese, Barbecued Pork and Pineapple with French Fries. $12.99 each

Lois had, Chicken Breast Strips, Served in your own Sand Pail and Shovel includes Grapes, Applesauce and small Dasani® Water $10. After this we chilled out on the loungers to let our lunch go down, Lois built sand castles with her bucket and spade she got with her lunch.

It was getting later in the afternoon at this point so we decided a walk around which in included another castaway creek trip followed by some rubber ring slides multiple times  would finish off our lazy day just perfectly before getting rinsed off an ready for leaving to Epcot. To sum up Typhoon lagoon, I was a perfect lazy day! The facilities were great we had showers and felt completely refreshed.

We left Typhoon lagoon and drove to Epcot to arrive just in time for a 3:30 reservation at the Coral reef, it was time to eat with the fishes!

On entering Epcot we were all amazed by Spaceship earth or as we and probably many others call it the giant golf ball! We found the Coral Reef easily and proceeded inside. Our table was pretty close to the huge Tank which was fantastic.

It was very busy, I was still recovering from losing my voice and taste buds so although I enjoyed it here I can’t really comment on the taste, we did have a few issues but this I think was more due to our waiter not completely understanding us, In all the experience was fab the Tank was just incredible and lovely to eat there but for the $240.00 price tag I’m not sure I would say it was worth it. I’m glad we have been there though and perhaps on further visits this may be different.

From here we decided to explore “The world showcase” Epcot’s World Showcase is centered on a reflective lagoon. There are eleven countries represented here, Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. Each of these is built in a way so you never feel your in two countries at once and all cast members speak of their homeland in particular. It’s very interesting and beautiful!

The food and wine festival was on when we were there which did mean it was a little busier but also meant there was lots of food and drink to try out. We wondered around each country enjoying what it had to offer, listening to live music and watching dancers. Lois picked up some more pins for her collection too.

We had a fastpass booked for Frozen ever after, this was obviously based on Frozen the movie, the ride also has wait times of 3hrs sometimes so we was relived to get a fastpass. As we made our way to Norway the weather went insane! The sky turned purple and back and lightning could be seen everywhere, the weather in Florida is just amazing; thankfully this didn’t last as we planned to watch illuminations tonight.

Once at Norway we joined the fast pass que, and noticed the normal que was over two hours long, I did feel sorry for all those in the normal que personally I just couldn’t que that long, the ride was actually far better than expected so I’m really please we did it. Lois isn’t Frozen’s biggest fan anymore (she once was) but she still loved every bit of it, within 20 minutes we exited the ride.

It was in this area actually that whilst waiting we saw some Humming birds! This was after me thinking it was a big wasp and swotting in away! I still cannot believe it was a bird and still shocked just how small they are. Lee found it hilarious that I nearly squashed a Hummingbird! those who know me know just how bad I am with flying insects!

We now walked back to Italy as my mum had found a good spot to watch Illuminations from. We were pretty lucky as the area of choice didn’t become too busy either and we had some steps to sit and watch it from.

Illuminations Reflections of earth, was fantastic! And very emotional, I love that it has meaning, it begins with “Earth being born”, and then as the volcanic effects subside, A glowing 350,000-pound globe glides peacefully across the waters. Then the “The Triumph of Life”, this is about history of humanity and achievements then ends with “Hope for the future”, all told by music and fireworks! It was very touching and a spectacular it really was.

Once this finished we slowly walked towards the exit whilst listening to Epcots leaving music “Promise” at this point I literally had tears in my eyes! Another incredible ending to a day to never to be forgot. On exiting we dropped into the gifts shop where I treated Lois to black and white Mickey Mouse, she loved this and treasure’s him.

We dropped our family to their hotel before driving home to Disney’s Caribbean resort, as usual we stopped for drinks before going back to our room to get some rest before tomorrow’s adventure, Epcots future world.

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